Teaching All The Children Well

MKSA provides playrooms that double as teaching locations.
MKSA provides playrooms that double as teaching locations.

All children grow and learn at different rates—and the Plainview-based MKSA works to provide a full range of early childhood and school-age services for children with developmental delays.

Early intervention evaluation, educational, therapeutic and support services are available for eligible children and their families throughout Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Manhattan. Preschool services are available in Nassau and Suffolk counties, and are jointly provided by MKSA and its parent company, HASC. MKSA also provides school-age services in many districts throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties. Private pay services are available as well.

The staff and providers are all New York state licensed and/or certified and have more than 20 years of experience working with children with developmental delays and their families.

As one of the largest agencies in the area, MKSA provides a high level of quality services, using caring dedicated professionals. The staff supports each child’s developmental potential by providing individualized programs tailored to each child’s specific needs. MKSA’s goal is to provide prompt, accurate evaluations, effective treatment for children’s developmental and educational concerns and support for the entire family. MKSA always strives to educate parents about services that are available if they feel their child is not meeting developmental milestones. These services are available at no out-of-pocket cost to families of eligible children, and include a variety of evaluation and therapeutic services.

MKSA also has a comfortable waiting area.
MKSA also has a comfortable waiting area.

“An important part of what we do is connect with families through our website and social media. Our new website has a Parent Center, with an abundance of information, resources and links on a variety of topics, and our blog will be launching very shortly as well,” said an MKSA representative. “Through social media, we are connecting with families and sharing information, while watching our followers greatly increase in number. We look forward to becoming the go-to resource for information on child development.”

In MKSA’s Plainview facility at 125 E. Bethpage Rd., Suite 5, there is a large classroom with a sensory gym. It also has private rooms for speech therapy sessions. In the viewing room, parents can watch and listen to their child’s therapy session and they also have a comfortable waiting room where parents and siblings can relax while the child receives services.

For more information, call 516-731-5588, email info@mksallc.com or visit www.mksallc.com.

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