Water Testing Law Protects Students


Water1Recently, lead levels in school drinking water has become an important topic. According to the NYS Department of Health, lead can harm a young child’s growth, behavior and ability to learn. New measures are being taken to protect children from potentially being exposed to dangerous levels of lead in drinking water.

The Senate passed a new law that will ensure periodic tap water testing for lead. Testing will be conducted by schools and BOCES across Long Island to obtain important information about the quality of students’ drinking water. While some schools in New York conduct testing for lead, not all do, and this law will create a standard testing protocol to ensure students are protected.

“This is common sense legislation since it addresses the health and wellbeing of children,” said Senator Michael Venditto. “As a state representative I am proud that we were able to pass such important legislation, and as a parent it is comforting to know that our children’s health is being made a priority. I look forward to everyone having a happy, healthy and successful school year.”

This critical public health measure will help children across New York State grow up healthy, strong and free from the serious health threats posed by lead poisoning.

—Submitted by the Office of Michael Venditto

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