Setting The Record Straight


Not everyone votes. This recent election saw a 54 percent turnout with 26 percent voting for Trump. Also, most economists will agree that the lack of banking regulations caused the crash of 2008. No bankers or Wall Street executives responsible for this received the punishment they deserved. This was the way our government handled it.

I believe protesting is a right, perhaps even a responsibility. We endured Tea Party protests eight years ago. Today’s protesters are saying things like, “Keep the government’s hands off my medicare.” We hope to make a more intelligent case despite threats of arrest from our current president-elect. You can disagree, but let us be heard as our counterparts were eight years ago.

Former President Reagan appropriated a quote from Mark Twain describing people: “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant, it’ s just that they know so many thing that aren’t so.” What Mark Twain had said was: “The trouble with most folks isn’t their ignorance, it’s knowin’ so many things that ain’t so.” Perhaps, much of our media is responsible for these distortions or redirection.

So let’s set the record straight. We want justice for all and only laws that protect us will assure that.

—James Peters

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