Water District Assures Residents On Water Quality


Last month, Bethpage Water District’s shut down one of its drinking-supply wells following detections of elevated levels of radium.

As a neighboring district, Plainview Water District Board of Commissioners Joel Kessler, Andrew Bader and Edward Shulroff recently stressed that the district continues to be committed to providing the Plainview-Old Bethpage community with the cleanest, safest and best tasting water possible.  The community’s water supply undergoes strict testing standards and meets or exceeds Nassau County, New York State and Federal guidelines.

“Plainview Water District’s personnel follow strict guidelines mandated by New York State and the United States Environmental Protection Agency,” Board of Commissioners Chairman Joel Kessler said.  “Our proactive policies and procedures, along with our alert, thorough and responsive staff, is what makes our water supply one of the best in the region.”

While many regions use surface reservoirs as their source of water, the Plainview Water District obtains its supply from deep underground aquifers that contain trillions of gallons of water.  When natural rainwater seeps into these aquifers, it is naturally filtered by hundreds of feet of sand and gravel.  Before reaching the homes and businesses of the community, the District continually monitors and tests the water to ensure it is of the highest quality.

Residents are also advised to review the District’s Annual Water Quality Report that was distributed to residents in May 2013 for further information.

For more information, please contact the Plainview Water District at (516) 931-6469 for or log on to www.plainviewwater.org.

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