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Plainview is not known across the island as a dining destination—there is no downtown strip with rows of cutting-edge restaurants churning out fashionable cuisine prepared by hot young chefs. And that is OK, Plainview doesn’t need any of that. The population living within the hamlet’s 6-square miles knows exactly which eatery to choose depending on their dining needs and what brand of crave they are experiencing.

Here are five Plainview food favorites, from the time tested to the newly minted.

12 Manetto Hill Mall, Plainview


Dirtyburger in Plainview breaks the standard burger routine with its chef’s signature “dirty dust” spice blend, a heady concoction that elevates everything from the eatery’s long list of burgers to its steak, fish and chicken, plus its desserts and cocktails. Start with Dirtyburger’s award-winning Dirty Wings—fried to a perfect crisp and tossed in a choice of Dirty Dust, Dirty BBQ or classic Buffalo sauce. As for burgers, the original Dirtyburger is 7 ounce Angus patty, dirty-dipped and honey-grilled on a steamy-soft sauced-bun. Dirtyburger also offers 11 craft burgers, including a Dirty Lamb and the Dirty Oscar, an 8-ounce burger with melted honey goat cheese, a bed of roasted and hot pepper slaw with crispy fried onion strings on a toasted brioche bun.

Buffalo Grille
1020 Old Country Rd., Plainview

Buffalo Grille
Buffalo Grille

Clustered among the storefronts in the Morton Village shopping center, Buffalo Grille is the local go-to spot for delivery and take-out sandwiches, wings, soups and lively culinary creations. A frequently updated chalkboard clues customers into the daily specials, which range from lemon chicken orzo soup, quesadilla rolls, entrée-salads and crave-worthy sandwiches like the Diablo Chicken sandwich, with chicken, swiss and jalapeños. Customers love the various eggroll creations, like the avocado eggrolls with chicken, avocado, cheddar, bacon and tomato, and American eggrolls, with all-beef hot dogs, cheddar and sauerkraut with a side of spicy deli mustard. The menu also delves into wraps, even more sandwiches and, of course, chicken wings served with a choice of house-made sauces.

Crossroads Cafe
219 S. Service Rd., Plainview

PlainviewEats_060816B_RalphiesA roving street vendor with a semi-permanent spot near eastbound exit 48 off the Long Island Expressway, Ralphie’s Crossroads Cafe has garnered a legendary reputation among Plainview locals and road-weary travelers. Ralphie’s offers a curious combination of high-calorie gut busters alongside healthier options—which makes sense, considering the wide array of customers rolling up for a bite. The truck features an ever-rotating list of daily specials, with breakfast and lunch items running the gamut from St. Louis ribs to hot sausage with broccoli rabe and otherworldly breakfast sandwiches like the ham off the bone with egg and cheese, and the fronut, a devilish breakfast sandwich served on a grilled glazed donut.

Hanstedt Delicatessen
538 Woodbury Rd., Plainview

PlainviewEats_060816A_HanstedtThis small deli and catering mecca has served the community for more than 40 years with specialty sandwiches, soups, salads and hot specials. Breakfast and lunch rule the roost here, with plenty of standard deli fare including egg sandwiches, breakfast platters and all of the classic sandwich board favorites. Hanstedt Deli also charbroils mouthwatering burgers, grills panini sandwiches and presides over an array of specialty sandwiches, including The Islander, with hot roast beef, bacon and melted mozzarella on a hero with Russian dressing, and The Firehaus, with hot grilled chicken, pepper jack cheese, hot peppers and hot sauce on a toasted hero. Perfect for a quick lunch stop or a meal on the run in your car, Hanstedt is the quintessential friendly neighborhood deli.

430 Woodbury Rd., Plainview

PlainviewEats_060816E_MorrisonsThis family-owned gastropub’s tag line is “satisfying food & drink” and that is exactly what one gets during a night at Morrison’s. Unabashedly serving high-end spirits, craft beers and intensely gratifying grub, Morrison’s has gained a following of ferociously loyal customers who revel in the small bar scene, but also appreciate the family friendly atmosphere of the dining area. The burgers and sandwiches are decadent and filling and the entrées include hits like jambalaya, braised short rib ragu, seafood pot pie, an array of tacos and piping-hot spicy lobster eggrolls. Morrison’s also boasts a popular brunch, with many morning/afternoon comforts including incredible biscuit sandwiches, with country fried chicken and maple-glazed ham.


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