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A special delivery awaits Pasadena teachers

Tutor Doctor enriches the education of students in various subjects—and it also enriches the lives of local teachers.

The in-home tutoring company recently ran a Facebook campaign inviting school communities to compete to win a “stocked fridge” for their favorite teachers by nominating and voting for their schools. After the numerous shares and likes were counted, Pasadena Elementary School in Plainview was one of the lucky winners earning teachers to a fridge full of goodies meant to help them power through the day.

“We have several students we work with that are from Pasadena,” said Gayle Charlack, an education consultant with Tutor Doctor’s Plainview branch. “We rely on the teachers at all of the schools we work with. They are so supportive and we wanted to show them our appreciation.”

Charlack delivered a cart full of snacks, a surefire help as the teachers enter the end-of-the-year grading period. Charlack said that this campaign was designed to show teachers how much tutors appreciate their hard work and dedication.

“It was the community that voted for them,” said Charlack, “but it was a great way for us to let them know that we know how hard they work and that they are loved.”

The owner of the Tutor Doctor franchise serving Plainview-Old Bethpage, Syosset-Woodbury, Massapequa, Merrick and Huntington for the past four years, Charlack said the service provides in-home, one-on-one tutoring for students of all ages in all manner of subjects. Each grade level has its own customized tutoring method, with elementary school students focusing on reading and math, while middle and high school focuses on academics and organization and time management.

“We work with families of children that are struggling and failing and help them earn that C or B. We also work with the children who are high achievers trying to be competitive,” she said. “We offer Regents and AP exam prep work and help families gear up for the SATs and ACTs, as well as graduate exams.”

The tutors at Tutor Doctor are mostly retired and active teachers, as well as some teachers with degrees that have not landed a full-time gig yet. Tutor Doctor also utilizes people pursuing masters degrees who are strong in sciences and math.

“Every situation is different and we really try to customize the tutoring method to each student,” said Charlack. “Some tutors are better with young kids, some are better with reading. Others work with a high-level of biology and chemistry knowledge.”

As the summertime approaches, Tutor Doctor is gearing up to give local students plenty to keep their brains busy while enjoying the downtime between school years.

“We try to prevent students from suffering from the summer slide,” she said, adding that Tutor Doctor is offering a Summer Reading Challenge for students. “When they go back to school, some students regress to the previous year and even lose two months of math knowledge in some cases. We try to keep them engaged.”

Keeping children engaged over the summer not only keeps the grades up, it also helps the teachers who are waiting to welcome students back in September.

Teachers welcome the donated treats.

“Teachers are a big part of what we do and very often, our tutors will work directly with the teacher to make sure they are teaching together and not against one another,” said Charlack. “This is all about helping the students achieve to the best of their abilities.”

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