Water District Reminds Residents To Test Backflow


The Plainview Water District Commissioners Joel R. Kessler, Andrew N. Bader and Marc B. Laykind remind residents of the state mandate to have their home backflow prevention devices tested to protect the public water supply from contamination. New York State Law requires residents to have backflow prevention devices tested annually to ensure they are functioning properly. In order to assist residents with this important process, the Plainview Water District has provided a list of state-certified testers on their website, www.plainviewwater.org.

“New York state requires people to have their backflow prevention devices tested annually to preserve the integrity of our public water supply,” said Kessler. “The Plainview Water District is here to help residents comply with this state-mandated requirement.”

Backflow prevention devices keep potentially contaminated water out of the public water supply if pressure drops due to fire emergencies or a water main break. Testing at least once a year is of paramount importance, particularly before sprinkler systems are turned back on and usage increases.

New York state Department of Health certified backflow testers make sure backflow prevention devices meet all state-mandated guidelines. The Plainview Water District is available to help residents throughout this process.

Anyone with questions regarding the state law or the specifics of backflow prevention device testing can contact the Plainview Water District Cross Connection Control Office at 516-931-6469, extension 127 or 142, or visit the district’s website at www.plainviewwater.org.

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