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RightAtHome_080316A1Coming to grips with the loss of independence is perhaps the most difficult part of aging for senior citizens—and Gregg Balbera of Right At Home in Plainview is working to make that transition as smooth as possible.

And now Balbera can offer an elevated level of care thanks to a new state-issued license. He recently received the Personal Care License from New York state, allowing him to bolster his in-home care services for current clients and those who are looking for the right in-home care for their loved ones. Balbera said he is excited to deepen his services to those in his care, as well as strengthen relationships with local hospitals and doctor’s offices with the new license.

“It was a very lengthy application process consisting of multiple reviews by the Department of Health,” said Balbera, who started Right At Home with his wife Eileen in 2013 and applied for the licence in September of that year. “This will help us perform a higher level of care and ensure. The process ensures that only the appropriate people get the license and they have an understanding of the rules and regulations.”

As part of the expanding efforts, Balbera is looking to hire local registered nurses or licensed practical nurses to establish the in-home rehab part of Right at Home in Plainview. He wants to continue to offer the best in-home care to surrounding families and continue to nurture the partnerships he has with local hospitals.

“We help seniors and mobility challenged individuals wherever their home might be or at their assisted living facility or hospital or rehab center,” he said. “We also act as an advocate for the family. If an elderly person’s child can’t be there at the hospital or other facility, we can meet the doctor, take notes and pass the important information on to the family members.”

The Balberas started Right At Home after they were thrust into the role of caregiver after family members began to face the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease. This experience gave them firsthand knowledge of the challenges many families face.
In an effort to help others, they decided to bring an international home health care organization closer to home by becoming franchisees of Right at Home. They opened an office in Plainview, at 8 Gerhard Rd., and serve communities across Long Island.

Balbera said he is constantly looking for different solutions to offer the highest level of care for his clients. One recent solution resulted from a partnership with global health technology innovator Philips. The two companies collaborated to come up with remote health monitoring for its clients. This has nothing to do with putting cameras in anyone’s home, but rather, it involves monitoring seniors with data-compiling motion sensors with Bluetooth connectivity.

“Healthcare is a dynamic field. It’s constantly changing. And the needs of clients and caregivers are constantly changing as well,” he said. “If a senior goes into the bathroom but doesn’t come out, we are alerted so we can make sure everything is OK.”

The technological upgrades are merely one facet of Right At Home’s approach to health care. For Balbera, his overall focus has always been to fill the gaps in quality care. He believes that while hospitals, facilities and family members are vitally important, Right At Home expands their love and care with targeted aide strategies.

Right At Home’s client list runs the gamut from patients with longterm requirements such as dementia, Parkinson’s and other physical and cognitive issues, to more short term needs like knee or hip replacements or injuries from accidents. Along with hospital-type care like wound treatment, Right At Home also performs light housekeeping, meal preparation, food shopping, pharmacy trips and more.

“The loss of independence is often the most difficult part of getting older,” he said. “We can help make a bigger difference in people’s lives.”

Balbera said Right At Home is always looking for caring and empathetic individuals to join the team. To learn more about Right at Home in Plainview, call 516-719-5999 or visit www.rightathomeli.com.

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