PSEG To Power Up Plainview


Plainview’s power is set for a boost as PSEG Long Island recently announced that crews will be out in force this month for a circuit improvement project in the area.

The project, which will be completed around November, includes replacing vulnerable wires with more weather-resistant ones, installing new poles and replacing equipment meant to help reduce the number of customers affected by power outages. The improvement project will take place on Manetto Hill Road between Willben Lane and Old Country Road, with another project on Washington Avenue between Manetto Hill Road and Sherwood Drive taking place as well—totaling about 1 mile along an electric main line circuit.

According to a statement by PSEG Long Island’s vice president of transmission and distribution operations John O’Connell, Plainview will see minor traffic interruptions Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“Our customers in Plainview deserve more resilient service and equipment, able to withstand even the most severe weather,” said O’Connell. “By expanding Oyster Bay projects to include Plainview, PSEG Long Island is working to ensure that more customers have the best-in-class service they deserve.”

PSEG continued to say that the project is funded through the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) program. More than $729 million of federal recovery funds were secured for the Long Island Power Authority in 2014 through an agreement between Governor Andrew Cuomo and FEMA. The HMA program provides funding for eligible projects aimed at reducing disaster losses and protecting life and property from future disasters.

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