Bomb Threat At JCC

An anonymous caller phoned in a bomb threat to the JCC on Monday.

The Mid-Island Y JCC in Plainview was evacuated at around 11 a.m. Monday, after an apparent bomb threat was phoned in, according to the Nassau County Police Department.

The center on Manetto Hill was one of numerous Jewish community centers across the state and the country to receive anonymous threats that same day, with centers in Tarrytown, Staten Island,  New Rochelle and Davie, FL, among the other threat targets. The Plainview center was searched by police, but no devices were found, cops said.

Mid-Island Y CEO Rick Lewis said that the threatening phone call was similar to others received over the past few weeks.

“We are one of several JCCs and Jewish Schools that received a threat today,” said Lewis. “The police conducted intensive sweeps of the building and no evidence of any device or threat was found. We continue to assure our members and visitors that the JCC remains vigilant in monitoring situations such as this. While we are all deeply saddened by such activities, we will continue to operate with the same values as we always have, doing our best to encourage tolerance, understanding and keep our doors open to all that enter.”

Congressman Tom Suozzi, who held a town hall at the JCC on Feb. 23, said that the latest threat against the Jewish community should signal the alarm that it is time for citizens to come together and work toward making all communities safe for everyone, regardless of religion.

“This news is alarming and continues a trend of anti-Semitism and hate talk of other religious and ethnic minorities that has been spreading throughout our country over the last several weeks. It’s now come to our community and it must stop,” said Suozzi. “The Mid-Island Y JCC is a place where children, senior citizens and families are supposed to feel safe, not terrorized. While I am grateful that no one was hurt, the damage has already been done.”

Suozzi continued, “Words are no longer enough. We need to take action and let those who would discriminate against and threaten certain religious groups know that bigotry and hate will not be tolerated.”

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