The Fixers: Trio Hardware Continues Legacy In Plainview

Trio Hardware owner Todd Kirschner

With the imminent closing of major retail corporation Sears, many people are turning to the convenience of local businesses. And in Plainview, there is arguably no business more local than Trio Hardware, which has served the community for 54 years.

Owner Todd Kirschner believes the community is the foundation of the store and that the best business is the one that provides unmatched service for customers.

“If you don’t treat the customer right, they won’t come back,” said Kirschner. “It’s all how you help the customer, that’s what sets you apart from the other guy.”

Kristina Bujans has been a Trio Hardware employee for 22 years. Bujans has spent her life working for local businesses for the personal interaction with customers.

“From a customer point of view, the difference [between big business and local business] is the service,” Bujans said.

Located in the Morton Village Shopping Center on Old Country Road, Trio Hardware gives back to customers through its reward program, and also provides equipment for various office buildings, schools and local businesses. Superior Air Conditioning and Heating, located in Plainview, relies on Trio Hardware for products such as safety gear, hand trucks, drill bites and more.

Jeanine Tedeschi, service coordinator at Superior Air Conditioning and Heating, uses Trio for her company’s needs because, “We don’t have to wait for a truck to be unloaded and we like to give to the local business.”

She also complimented Trio Hardware’s quality service.

“We have an account with [Trio Hardware] and if they don’t have [a tool], they can always get it for us right away,” Tedeschi said.

Local businesses succeed with personal staff and quality service, Kirschner said, “Mom and pop shops should always be able to hold on as long as they do right for the customer.”

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