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Robert Kothe of Factxback

Robert Kothe of Factxback.com Websites and Videos is one of those people you walk away from a conversation thinking, “He gave me a great idea” or “I appreciate his unique perspective.”

In business for more than 20 years, Kothe has wisely modified his company’s services to adapt to the warp-speed changes in technology. With integrity and pride, Factxback.com functions as a full-service Internet marketing firm with “maintain-it-yourself tools to help customers keep their websites relevant while controlling costs,” said Kothe. Factxback accomplishes this feat with the assistance of a multimillion-dollar company in Nevada (with more than 400 staff members).

“They created the platform that keeps my clients’ servers safe and humming,” he said. “Customers are provided free 24/7 technical support for web, social networking and marketing related business.”

Some of the newest services provided by Factxback include high-end marketing for real estate sellers. As a licensed real estate agent, Kothe can provide high-end technology for almost any listing.

“Instead of a realtor hiring the army of marketing people, I am the marketing expert who does not have to hire anyone. It allows me to provide more for less,” he said, adding that Factxback also shoots high-definition video (often using green screen technology) and films business seminars. “Since we do not use sub-contractors for photography or publishing, we are able to offer more value for lower fees.”

In 2016, Kothe generously donated his time and service to present a complimentary workshop to Plainview-Old Bethpage Chamber of Commerce members. Part of the package included filming a short Internet commercial that can be used on their website or with social networking. Many members were pleased with the results and are now more comfortable using the medium for marketing.

As for generating new clients, according to Kothe, new business flows in primarily from two different streams—via referrals and networking. The chamber is one of Factxback’s “Support poles in their marketing tee-pee.” Kothe also values the chamber as a place where local business can keep up with local politics, area development and community opportunities.
“In a way, Plainview is like a small town in the middle of a large Long Island,” he said.

Kothe offers some sage advice when it comes to the secrets of networking. He reveals: “It’s not a predator-prey situation—it’s never about the person you are speaking with. It is about creating good will so that your name comes up in conversations when someone is looking for a recommendation.”

He also strongly believes in holding a business’ reputation and integrity to the highest esteem.

“I would rather refer a lead to another company if the needs do not line up with the company’s skill set, rather than risk harming the reputation of Factxback,” he said.
On the personal side, Kothe and his wife Cathy foster dogs for North Shore Animal League. They were recognized as Fosters of the Year for 2015. Ironically, although the Kothes are “dog people,” Cathy holds the Guinness World Record for Garfield collectables with more than 12,000 items total.

The Kothes also enjoy boating. “Long Island has some of the best boating in the country,” said Robert. He cites the convenience of protected harbors on one side and deep ocean access on the other side.

For more information, visit www.factxback.com.

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Barbara Mars is a freelance writer and editor, manager of corporate communications and on the board of the Plainview-Old Bethpage Chamber of Commerce.

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