Bipartisanship On The Diamond

Democrats pray in dugout after learning of shooting at Republican practice (Photo courtesy of Congressman Ruben Kihuen)

Congressman Tom Suozzi was in the starting lineup as a designated hitter in the recent Congressional Baseball Game.

“To be one of only 20 players, and a freshman, on the Democrats Congressional Baseball team was an awesome experience. After the shootings last Wednesday, the game took on a more important meaning, and the experience was truly humbling. Since day one I have talked about bipartisan cooperation and civility. It’s a shame it took a tragedy, but now it’s a part of the national conversation,” Suozzi said.

Suozzi waves to the crowd moments before the start of the Congressional Baseball Game

Suozzi and his teammates first learned of the shootings at the Republican practice around 7:30 Wednesday morning while the Democrats were practicing at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C.

“After the initial shock, confirmation of the events, and being instructed by police to shelter in place at the dugout, the entire Democratic team circled together and prayed for our Republican colleagues and the other victims. It was very moving,” he recalled.

Before Thursday night’s game, kneeling at second base at Nationals Stadium, where the injured Congressman Steve Scalise was supposed to have played, in a show of bipartisan unity, Democrats and Republicans prayed for the victims and their families as well as to come together as one united Congress.

The game raised a record $1.5 million for charity and was attended by nearly 25,000 fans. This was the 80th game of a tradition dating back to 1909 (games were not played during World Wars I and II and at other times). Capitol Police officer David Bailey, who was injured in the attack, threw out the first pitch.

Suozzi added, “It was a very emotional and sobering week for all of us. I sincerely hope we use this unique opportunity to show the American people that we’re here to try and get things done—together as Americans.”

Suozzi had a hard-hit line drive to the shortstop and a ground ball to the third baseman, leaving him 0 for 2.

“It was still a fantastic experience and I hope I get to play again next year,” Suozzi said.
The Democrats won the game 11-2. They now lead the overall series 40-39-1. Following their victory, the Democrats gave this year’s trophy to the Republicans to place in Rep. Steve Scalise office until he recovers. “I will continue to pray for Steve, the injured officers and other victims, and for our country. We have important work to do. The people are sick of politics and politicians and we need to work together on these life and death issues and actually get things done—together,” Suozzi said.


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