Letter: Plainview Water District Audit


George Maragos, former Nassau County Comptroller, issued an audit on the Plainview Water District. This audit should alarm the entire community since it’s the second audit. The New York State Comptroller’s Office indicated outrageous fiscal practices as well and reform was not implemented.

Last year, my campaign for Plainview Water Commissioner called for an immediate independent forensic audit to be conducted, which would have investigated all finances, contracts, salaries, benefits, etc.

The lack of transparency also hides the number of meetings commissioners attend, reasons for the meetings and the total compensation costs, which the comptroller indicated are excessive compared to other water districts.

I also advocated for a change in meeting times, so that our residents could attend without work or childcare conflicts. I indicated that no public reports are given about attendance at out of district workshops, seminars and conferences. This is not acceptable.

This report also begs the question, where is legal counsel instruction as to compliance with New York State law, current district policies and the establishment of new policies in order to ensure appropriate practices.

In light of the comptroller’s audit, I believe that all taxpayer bills must be reviewed and that the two senior commissioners, Andrew Bader and Marc Laykind, should resign their positions. They have violated the public trust and their incompetence jeopardizes the health, safety and security of our water system.

—Evy Rothman

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