Bethpage School District Installs Online Sports Registration

Student athletes at Bethpage High School are now using online registration to sign up for sports. (Photo by Michael Domagala)

By Michael Domagala

This winter, the Bethpage School District purchased and put in place a new software athletic management system, which tracks and organizes all paperwork necessary for students to participate in middle and high school sports. Rank One Sport allows students to submit their sports clearance paperwork—Internal Health History (IHH), Code of Conduct, Concussion Test, Emergency Contact Information—into a web dashboard that is monitored by coaches. The website,, and app makes the sports eligibility process more efficient for parents, students, nursing staff, and coaches, according to Bethpage High School Athletic Director John A. Franchi.

“We will no longer have to worry about students bringing in their forms and maybe a coach misplacing it or not handing it in; everything will be right at our fingertips,” Franchi said.

Rather than coaches checking in with the school nurse’s office to confirm if a student is eligible to try out for a team, all of the forms are listed next to a student’s name and a red or green bar indicates the status of the submitted forms. When green, a student is eligible. When red, the student is missing a form. If a student is trying out for multiple teams throughout the year, Rank One Sport saves the information on a student’s profile and carries it over to the next sport. The system was first used by the Bethpage School District for the 2019 Winter 2 sports season, including girls basketball, boys wrestling and boys volleyball at Bethpage Middle School. It will be used in fall 2019 for Bethpage High School sports teams.

“I’m able to see who’s good to go right away,” Robert Fisher, head coach of the Bethpage High School baseball team said. “If someone’s not, it’s easy for me to reach out to them and say ‘you didn’t hand your stuff in.’ If there’s a mistake and it wasn’t punched into the computer correctly, it will catch it right away and there will be no miscommunication with the nurse. It makes my job a lot easier.”

Franchi held a meeting with Bethpage High School sports coaches on Wednesday, Feb. 13 about Rank One Sport. The coaches learned how to use it and were registered for the upcoming fall season. Fisher also noted that a long-term plan with the software is to use it for sports uniform check out and returns, simplifying that process.

“I was so excited about how easy the Winter 2 season started [with Rank One Sport],” Franchi said. “My office only received a few phone calls of people who were having trouble joining. I certainly want to get through the rest of this year before I give any advice to any other districts, but from what I have seen so far, it looks like I would highly recommend it.”

Michael Domagala is a journalism student at LIU Post covering Bethpage.

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