A Rare Star: Alexa Vegoda Scores 100 Points In POB Soccer Career

Alexa Vegoda (right) scored 100 points in her five year career at Plainview-Old Bethpage. (Photo courtesy of Plainview-Old Bethpage Central School District)

Next year, Plainview’s Alexa Vegoda will be heading to Binghampton University to play Division I soccer for the Bearcats. Before then, she’s had time to reflect on her journey there.

“I got into soccer when I was a little itty bitty baby,” said Vegoda. “I was two years old when I started playing at a boys and girls league in Syosset, which is funny now because the town is always our challenge.”

Vegoda started playing junior varsity when she was in seventh grade, going straight to the high school athletic level at age 12. She would leave school early in order to get to practice on time. There was some nerves with it since she had to come in and make a name for herself, but she loved the experience.

“It was very exciting getting to play with girls that I looked up to and are much older than me,” said Vegoda. “I always thought I was the coolest kid in middle school.”

Moving to varsity when she got to high school, she had the opportunity to go play for other schools, such as St. Anthony’s. But she decided she wanted to remain with Plainview-Old Bethpage.

“This is my home,” said Vegoda. “I wanted to help my team and make a name for our school. I also wanted to do this for myself. I knew it was going to take hard work. I’m glad I can represent Plainview with my impact on the game.”

Before she got there the Hawks were in a lower conference, but slowly worked their way up into a higher conference, wining a championship along the way. In her career, she scored 62 points and 38 assists in five years on varsity, giving her a 100-point career.

“She is a solid player,” said head coach Jodi Horowitz. “She makes things happen. Her touch on the ball is exquisite. She can do things with the ball that I have not seen and I’ve been coaching for 21 years. She’s the most impactful player I’ve ever coached.”

Wrapping up her career, Vegoda was proud to step on the field for the last time this season as a Plainview-Old Bethpage Hawk. Moving forward, she is excited to see what she can do at the collegiate level.

“They want me to come in and make an impact, which is exactly what I plan to do,” said Vegoda. “I’m going to work as hard as I can to get ready for the season. All the experience and all the pressure of trying to be the best I can be has really prepared me.”

But even though she will be graduating Plainview-Old Bethpage, she will always be happy about her decision to stick around.

“I am always going to wear my Hawks t-shirt all over the place,” said Vegoda. “When people ask me what high school I went to, I can proudly say I went to Plainview-Old Bethpage.”

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