Plainview-Old Bethpage Library Rolls Out New Digital Services

The Plainview-Old Bethpage Library, located at 999 Old Country Rd., has plenty of digitial services to offer the community. (Photo by Christopher Birsner)

The Plainview-Old Bethpage Library, located at 999 Old Country Rd., has been implementing new services to help the public any chance it gets, and they are currently in the process of rolling out some of their newest digital resources.

Those with a library card can now access a plethora of eBooks and audio books through the cloudLibrary app. The app is available on Apple iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and more.

“It does have a large collection and it does have hand-picked titles as well,” said resource librarian Melissa Jaffe. “There are base titles and also books that we choose so it’s a little more customized. It does have a loan period of 28 days, which is the longest of any of the services we have that offer eBooks.”

Along with the cloudLibrary, there are lots of digital services that the library offers, from eBook apps Hoopla and Libby, to free music and streaming apps Freegal and Kanopy. They also offer an app for magazines entitled RB Digital, which recently had its selection expanded for Plainview-Old Bethpage residents from around 200 to 2,000.

If you live or work within the Plainview-Old Bethpage Central School District and need a library card, you can now get one right online. In recent months, the library has added a place on their website where you can fill out a form which would give you a free library card with a bar code that can be used to access plenty of what the library offers. Not only can you use the card in-person at the library, but you can also use it for the digital services as well as signing-up for library events online with the revamped library calendar. To get one online, visit

“We started this only a few months ago and suddenly we had around 200 people come out of the woodwork,” said library director Gretchen Browne.

For access to all the digitial services, visit

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