County’s Public Libraries Offer Digital Library Card


The Nassau Library System, a cooperative of 54 independent public libraries serving Nassau County, announced that 50 local libraries are now offering a digital library card. This new tool will allow residents of Nassau County who do not already have a card to utilize the digital resources of their library while facilities are closed due to the spread of coronavirus.

Having access to library resources is essential for people at all stages of their lives, especially during times like these. Since public libraries across the county are currently closed, a digital library card will enable people to explore the full complement of online library services from the comfort of their own homes. In order to get the digital library services, download the Libby app in the App Store or on Google Play, which allows people to borrow ebooks and audiobooks. Some libraries also provide access to streaming entertainment apps, such as Kanopy or Hoopla that can be installed on smart TVs. Other resources that are offered include, which connects users to live homework help, interactive language learning from Pronunciator and current-issue popular magazines from RB Digital.

One of the libraries that is participating in the digital library card service is the Mineola Memorial Library.

“For Mineola, this would be for residents who don’t have a current library card,” library director Charles Sleefe said. “It will grant them access to our online and digital holdings. Residents who already have a library card already have access to these collections. Residents with a physical card do not have to apply for this.”

The library’s digital collections can be found at

“It is a simple application to fill out,” Sleefe said. “The link is on our website. At the bottom drop down menu, they would choose Mineola and will receive their digital card by email.”

Once the resident receives their digital card, they will have access to Mineola Library’s ebooks and audiobooks, various movie and television shows, all of the library’s research databases, tutoring and career building assistance and more.

The public libraries of Nassau County stand ready to serve, even when its facilities are closed. People with active library cards can visit their library’s website to discover the resources that are already available to them. Residents who do not currently have a library card should visit in order to get started.

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