Backflow Device Testing Required To Protect Plainview’s Water System


    Plainview residents must have their backflow system tested by a professional by Dec. 31 as mandated by the New York State Health Department and the Nassau County Health Department, according to the village’s water district to ensure the safety of Plainview-Old Bethpage’s water supply.

    “Having a proper, functioning backflow system is necessary to prevent contaminants from entering the District’s distribution system,” said PWD Chairman Marc Laykind. “Weed killers, fertilizers, and other lawn products will not find their way back into the public water supply after a period of low pressure with a certified backflow device.”

    Backflow devices are mechanical double-check valves that prevent the water flow from reversing during a loss of water pressure. This loss can be caused by firefighter use or a water main break. These devices must be tested annually to make certain they are installed and functioning properly. Backflow devices prevent pollution and contamination of the public water supply during times of fluctuating pressure. Residents need a backflow device if they have: in-ground sprinklers, fire lines, swimming pools, or a private well that is interconnected with the public water supply to name a few conditions.

    “Slight water pressure changes in the distribution system is not uncommon during the year due to differing water demands,” said PWD Commissioner Andrew Bader. “If a backflow device is not properly installed, chemicals and other pollutants can easily infiltrate our community’s water.”

    To find a certified backflow tester, visit For compliance questions, call 516-931-6469 or email

    —Submitted by the Plainview Water District

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