Water District Hosts Meeting With County’s Fire Commission

Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association and Nassau County Fire Commission meeting that focused on maximizing efficiencies between water suppliers and fire districts. From left: John Madden, Supervising Fire Marshal, Office of the Fire Marshal Nassau County; Andrew Schmitt, Jr., Division Supervisor, Office of the Fire Marshal Nassau County; Francis X. DeBobes, Chairman, Nassau County Fire Commission; Amanda R. Field, NSWCA Board President and Plainview Water District Commissioner; and John F. Coumatos, NSWCA 1st Vice President and Bethpage Water District Commissioner.
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For over a century, fire districts and water districts have worked synergistically in providing essential services to Long Islanders. If water pressure and flow is not maintained to the highest level at all times, it would compromise firefighters’ ability to hook up to fire hydrants and fight fires. Realizing communication between water district members of the Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association (NSWCA) and local fire districts is imperative, NSWCA, of which Amanda R. Field of Plainview Water District is President and John Coumatos of Bethpage Water District is 1st Vice President, recently held a meeting with the Nassau County Fire Commission to demonstrate their dedicated commitment to the Long Island community.

Hosted by Manhasset Lakeville Water District, the NSWCA’s meeting presentation was led by Francis X. DeBobes, Nassau County Fire Commission Chairman. A 30+ year decorated veteran, DeBobes discussed maximizing efficiencies between fire and water districts, and commended the 21 member districts from Nassau and Suffolk counties for providing the more than adequate amount of water pressure and flow needed from hydrants, especially during times when water district well sites are being retrofitted to treat water from emerging compounds. He also expressed the importance of having residents comply with backflow testing each year to avoid an undesirable flow of water back into a home or business.

Discussions during the presentation included Commissioner-Elected Water Districts and the Nassau County Fire Commission to collectively pursue federal grants that will provide proper funding to replace dated fire equipment and hydrants.

“Many residents may not know that water suppliers are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of our fire hydrants within our neighborhoods and communities,” stated NSWCA President Field. “Our member Districts test to ensure each hydrant holds line pressure without leaks. We flush each hydrant regularly and we perform additional maintenance as recommended by the hydrant manufacturer. Our heroic firefighters can rely on us each time they connect to a hydrant and water flow will never be an issue.”

“A lot of education is being provided by water suppliers about their responsibilities to consumers, and it’s something worth noting,” said DeBobes. “Fire districts and water districts work hand in hand with one another and, in many ways, we rely on one another. Another fact worth noting is response time from local water districts and local fire districts to an emergency situation can be within minutes…something we take to heart each and every day.”

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